This won’t work if you’re trying to access a dynamic website or a web page with timely information (like breaking news), but it works very well for accessing older articles and other static pages. These 500 error page templates are properly designed and some of them are funny, which you can use on any website. No matter whether you are designing a most common 404 error page or a 500 error page, you have to be clear about the error to the user. The error log file design is completely interactive, because of the latest HTML, CSS3, and Javascript, you get a fluid response from this animation effect. With big letters and ink black texts, this template clearly shows the error to the user. Preventing Error’s | User Experience Strategy If we design an application, we should know the constraints where the app will fail to do certain task. Chris has written for The New York Times, been interviewed as a technology expert on TV stations like Miami's NBC 6, and had his work covered by news outlets like the BBC. If you try to visit a website and see a “500 Internal Server Error” message, it means something has gone wrong with the website. This is a very common error page template which you can use for all types of error. In this design also you get a big call to action button to take the user to the homepage. The straightforward HTML code structure will make your customization work a lot easier. This may cause you to submit the same payment twice. This error page design also uses emojis like in the V18 template mentioned above. Since it is a simple HTML template, you can change the contents and use them for your 500 error page design. This simple error page template goes well with any modern website. If you like to liven up the design a bit, you can add subtle hover effects to the design. You get useful options like a search box and a link to get back to the homepage. You’re tired and cranky, and you just want the weekend to finally arrive. Bright border colors and hover effects make the design even more engaging and realistic. The glitch effect adds some life to this simple design and the creator hasn’t overdone the glitch effect, hence, the design looks professional and can be used for all types of websites. Another advantage of this design is it is made purely using the CSS3 script. You also have an option to add a call to action button at the bottom. If you like to add some funny and interactive elements in your error page design, this code script might come in handy for you. Mailbox is full; Message exceeds size limit; Improper forwarding causing mail loop; User unknown/Mailbox unavailable/Invalid recipient/etc. You can use a sarcastic comment in the error message that matches the funny theme of this error page design. In this design, you have the option to add a search box and a text link to take the user to the previous page. The creator has made it extremely simple for quick customizations. You can visualize your customizations before using it on your website or in your project. The website is probably experiencing a problem, and the people who run the website will have to fix it. You can see that the eyeballs move according to your cursor movement in the default design. Take a look at our CSS button collection with cool hover effects to spice up your design. La Yogurt certainly grabs user’s attention with calm blue background and yummy illustrations. You don’t have any other option or feature in the default design, but you can add them if you want. If you want you can add your own animation effect to this design. I am … Your email address will not be published. For more text effect inspirations take a look at our CSS text effects collection. © 2021 LifeSavvy Media. The creator of this design has followed a minimal look. Below is a sample error message.This article provides information on the most common causes. Since this design uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 script, you can use your own custom animation on this design. Moreover, it provides clear navigation system along with exuding home button. If you need you can use the log file animation or can remove it to make the design simple. If you are making an error page for a restaurant website or website template, this design will be a good choice. Your browser will contact the web server and ask for the page again, and this may fix your problem. Locate the web page you want to view in Google’s search results, click the arrow to the right of its address, and click “Cached” to view the old copy. By making a few customizations, you can use this design on your existing website. Below the error message, you have a big text space to add your message and a call to action button. Thought this one is a 404 error page design, you can use this concept for making 500 error page templates as well. You could also load it up in a tool like the Wayback Machine to see older versions of the page. He had entered a range of guests (rational choice, seeing as it’s hard to state an exact number of guests), but the form accepted only a … Here the main image is kept still and the error message is animated. Though this design uses the CSS3 script, it is a simple static error page template. Colorlib 404 v5 error page template is a sensibly designed error page template. We also have a text space to give a proper note of the issue. Try accessing the website again in the future and it may work properly. The creator has used a classic text character emoji in this design, which gives a classic touch to this contemporary design. At the bottom of the character, you have space to add your error message. Bicycle 500 error, as the name implies, you get an animated bicycle in this error page design. Since it uses the latest code scripts, you get a beautiful and smooth animation effect. This isn’t the time to be creative or make jokes. You’ll need to examine your web server’s log files and do more troubleshooting to determine the specific cause of the problem and its solution. Join 350,000 subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Based on your design needs, you can easily customize this design. Since the code structure is kept very simple, you can easily add your own features. However you see this displayed, this is an error with HTTP status code 500. The 500 error code is a generic message that appears when something unexpected happened on the web server and the server can’t offer more specific information. Some times you can be funny in your error page. On the clean white background, the error message with a picture in effect looks attractive. Most websites should stop this from occurring, but a problem could occur if the website experiences a problem during a transaction. 500 error is a generic error message when an unknown error occurs on the server-side. However, he got a big red message saying, “There was a problem with your submission.” at the top of the page—a message plagued with ambiguity. Medium is an open platform where 170 million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking. The whole design is made purely using the HTML and CSS3 script so you get plenty of customization options. It’s one of many different error messages you might see in your browser. You have a simple error message on one side and an animated element on the other. Soap Media highlights message of the lost result by means of properly done illustrations. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. It’s a problem with the site you’re trying to visit. In the default design, you get a cool color-changing hover effect for the call to action button. Based on the code script you prefer, you can trim the code and use it in your design. The flexible code structure of this template will let you easily add the features and options you want in your error page. (Your number) Error: Invalid Number Please resend text message using a valid 10-digit number: (repeat their message till you hit the 160 character limit) Example: 15551112222 Error: Invalid Number Please resend text using a valid 10-digit number: Hey, whats up? However, there are often ways to quickly get around the problem. Join 350,000 subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. On business websites and online service websites, you can either give a support team link or email address to let the user easily get in touch with you. A scalable cloud solution with complete cost control. And please, don’t try to be clever. More than ample text space is there on this template, so it can give a clear error message to the audience. For modern hover effects, take a look at our CSS hover effects examples collection. In the default design, you have the option to give a link to your support team. If none of the above leads to a resolution, request the following information from your hosting provider or site administrator: An MTR or traceroute from your origin web server to a Cloudflare IP address that most commonly connected to your origin web server before the issue occurred. If the business has a customer service email address, you may want to write an email to that address. This can look different in Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari or any other browser you … Colorlib 404 v2 is a very simple 404 error page template. If you are running a web-based application, take a look at our free dashboard template collection to easily maintain your users. This is a simple animated error page template. There is a lot of room for improvement in this design and you can use your creativity to fill the space. Rather than giving you a normal web page, an error occurred on the web server and the server gave your browser a web page with an error message instead of a normal web page. Plus, the simple code structure gives you enough option for customizations and to add your own features. The creator has kept the message simple in the default design, but you can add texts as per your requirement. Read this discussion about finding ways to convert inconvertible types in Java software. 12. Right below the error animation, you have enough text space to add your message. To make the error page interesting, a broken iMac image is used. In the download file, you get all the scripts and files so that you can work easily with this design. The Yeti character and the torchlight paths are animated smartly in this template, so it gets a realistic feel. The entire code script is shared with you on the CodePen editor, hence you can edit and visualize the result on the editor. Animated cogs are used to symbolically indicate the malfunction. You have more than enough text space in this design to show your message and also have space to add call to action buttons. In your cubicle. This simple yet attractive animation effect is made using the CSS3 script. The error heading is made big so that the user can understand the error as soon as it appears on the screen. For example: For errors returned from asynchronous functions invoked by route handlersand middleware, you must pass them to the next()function, where Express willcatch and process them. Since the animation is made using the CSS3 script, you get a fluid animation effect. Except for the animation, all other options given in this demo are not fully functional. You have to work manually to make this design fully functional. One of those messages is going to provoke a chuckle, and maybe even an Instagram or a tweet. Shadow and depth effects are used effectively to differentiate important element from the rest of the elements on the error page. Animations are smooth and swift, so it won’t take much time to load. This template is designed sensibly. Powerful servers with full root access This is another version of the 500 error template mentioned above. This is another clean looking error page template. The creator Kyle Lavery has given us a simple and generic error page design, which you can use for all types of error pages and also for 500 error page templates. Since the animation part is taken on the separate element, the error message loads faster. By making a few changes to the design, you can easily fit this design on your website or application. In this design, the developer has used a potato with misplaced eyes and nose to indicate the error. error messages you might see in your browser, view an older snapshot of the web page in several different ways, How to Keep the Calculator Always-on-Top on Windows 10, How to Stop Low Cardio Fitness Notifications on Apple Watch, How to Open Firefox’s Private Browsing Mode with a Keyboard Shortcut. Required fields are marked *. In this template, the creator has used creative elements and fresh colors effectively. Try another payment method.”. Click the “Reload” button on your browser’s toolbar or press F5. The creator of this design has used the typography effectively to make this design clean yet attractive. Though this error page is originally designed for 404-page design, you can easily customize and use the design for 500 error page as well. This is a problem on the website’s end, so you can’t fix it yourself. Colorlib 404 v18. Since it is a unicode design, developers can easily work on this design. Status codes are issued by a server in response to a client's request made to the server. Tried to capture the feeling of going through stack traces and lines and lines of log-files in an aesthetically pleasing way. Whoever runs the website will have to fix it. Though the effect is simple, the developer has used three scripts for this design. Hence, you have to be more careful with your customizations before using it on your website. If you are looking for simple 500 error page templates, this design will impress you. In this design, you have the option to add a search box. Hence you can easily utilize this code even on your existing website. The developer of this 500 error page has used the same clear message design. Though the animated error message is attractive, there are no other options like page refreshing or back to the previous page. These 500 error page templates give you enough space to add your message and some of them give you proper options like page refreshing and a link to the support team. You’ve worked long hours this week for an upcoming product introduction. If you want a more realistic iMac image, take a look at our iMac mockup collection. The developer has used CSS3’s feature to the fullest to give you an interactive as well as a light-weight error page design. If you wish to use this design on your website, you have to do little optimizations. Imagine being in an office. But like all other 500 error page templates, the creator of this template also handled the code professionally so you can easily edit and use it. This is a page nobody wants to land into. There’s a problem with something, and it could be many things. Which is why I feel it best we start there. If you are a web developer or tech guy, these numbers will be meaningful for you. The error? 20th Century Studios Can't find the film you want? Since it is an HTML based design, you can easily edit and customize the design and content. The developer has shared the entire code structure with you so that you can easily work on the design. I think you can do this by overriding page init and adding the 500 status code to the response like the following: protected void Page_Init(object sender, EventArgs e) { Response.Clear(); Response.StatusCode = 500; Response.End(); } Enjoy! The developer has used the server theme in this design smartly to indicate the 500 error. With a relevant background image and clear text, you can clearly mention the error and how long it will take to recover. The potato character image and the animation is designed using the HTML5 and CSS3 script, hence you get realistic images and natural colors. When the user hovers over the 500 error the number turns into a loveliness of ladybugs and scatters around the page. For general users, it is just another error on your website, they can’t find the difference. As the name implies, animated bugs, I mean the real bugs are used in this design. In the default design, you get a typewriting effect, but you can change with the effect you like. But, if you need you can change the color scheme to the one you like. The best sample design I've found so far is Goodbye, Old 500 Page on Think Vitamin ( It includes codes from IETF Request for Comments (RFCs), other specifications, and some additional codes used in some common applications of the HTTP. On the bright red color scheme, the effect clearly shows that something is wrong. Thankfully, a lot of error codes are actually the product of a single error. The animation is clean and attractive which will make the user less annoyed when they hit an error page. Since the effect is simple, you can trim the code to the structure you follow. If you’re concerned that the people who run the website aren’t aware of the problem, you may want to contact them and inform them of the problem you’re experiencing. A big content block with an option to refresh is placed right below the error message. You can use this error page for almost all types of modern websites and professional websites. The design is clean and straightforward. The developer has used a black flag theme to show the error. Right below the big 500 error notification, you have space for the text message with an option to add a text link. FreshSparks is a brand agency specializing in strategy, design and digital marketing solutions. At the bottom of the big 500 number, you have space to add the error message. In this example, the creator has neatly used a sad emoji and a clear message about the error. The above article may contain affiliate links, which help support How-To Geek. This isn’t a problem with your browser, your computer, or your internet connection. Since these are simple HTML templates, you can change the contents and use it for your 500 error page design. Since 2011, Chris has written over 2,000 articles that have been read more than 500 million times---and that's just here at How-To Geek. Another smart error page design is to clearly mention what happened and giving suggestions to the user. This error message is often temporary and the website may quickly fix itself. Depending on the website, you may see the message  “500 Internal Server Error”, “500 Error”, “HTTP Error 500”, “500. If you’re a website owner and you’re experiencing this error on your server, there’s no single easy fix. What Is a 500 Internal Server Error and How Do I Fix It? While designing an error page, three things that you have to keep in mind is. Conclusion. Plus, you can easily add any modern colors and effects as per your needs. This isn’t a problem with your browser, your computer, or your internet connection. You can also contact many businesses on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You may just need to wait a few minutes—or a few seconds—before trying again, and the website may work properly. The code structure is kept very simple for the integration and customization part. Chris Hoffman is Editor in Chief of How-To Geek. For example, the creator has given a homepage link in the default design. Since this template is made using the HTML5 and CSS3 script, working with it will be an easy job for the developers. It would take far longer than you likely have to sit down and read an article. Even beginners can use this template easily in their design or project. Just like the design, the code script for this error page design is a bit complex. The simple design gives you plenty of room for improvement. On the dark theme layout, the bright color error message is clearly visible. If you’re still getting the 500 Internal Server Error, let’s turn our … 4 error message examples to help users navigate your UI - plus a FREE mobile error message downloadable by Justinmind If you are running an online application like scheduling tools, you can leave a link to the support team so that you can fix it for the user. Since it is an HTML template, you can change it and use it for the 500 error pages as well. It’s a problem with the site you’re trying to visit. In this case, either specify exception-type or error-code with the location element. Because detailings make the great design stand out from the normal design. There are no other better elements than emojis to express the feeling correctly. Get a free consultation for your next project. Just like the design, the code structure is also neat and simple. If crazy 500 error page templates are your thing, this design might inspire you. A lot of people get worried when they see a “500 Internal Server Error” message. Here, expert and undiscovered voices alike dive into the heart of any topic and bring new ideas to the surface. This is a simple and straightforward error page template. Plus, the use of a traditional red color scheme will make the error statement crystal clear to the audience. You can map the call to action button to the page you want. “PAGE NOT FOUND” — is probably the most annoying thing to look at, on a screen. In Internet Explorer, the message The website cannot display the page often indicates an HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. For more cool hover effects, take a look at our CSS hover effects collection. Common problems include an error in your website’s .htaccess file, incorrect permissions on files and folders on your server, a software package that your website depends on not being installed, or a timeout when connecting to an external resource. The developer has shared the code used to make this design in the CodePen editor. It’s important to ensure that Express catches all errors that occur whilerunning route handlers and middleware. Here in this design, you get a dead mac window floating to indicate the error. In this design, a broken neon light effect is used for the 500 error message.

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