Our Veterinary Assistant Program is one of the few online programs approved by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA). It was the hands-on portion that led Paola to enroll in Animal Behavior College’s Certified Veterinary Assistant Program. As time progressed, Lindsey decided to leave the veterinary field to pursue a career as an automotive service advisor. Sanitation and disinfection. Our vet assistant school is one of only a few online veterinary assistant schools to be approved by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA). Every student and graduate’s experience is different. Paul chose Animal Behavior College’s Veterinary Assistant Program because of the school’s curriculum. Our Veterinary Assistant Program involves both online courses and hands-on training. In high school, Lindsey thought that she wanted to become a doctor “when she grew up,” but quickly realized that she did not have a passion for the medical field in relation to humans. Interested in a career outside of the animal industry?Visit our subsidiary school! The program offers hands-on training and mentorship. Dec 14, 2015 - NAVTA-Approved Vet Assistant School. The first stages of the curriculum give you a strong understanding of veterinary medicine and the responsibilities you’ll have working in an animal health career as a veterinary assistant. I felt a void in my life and decided to take a sabbatical from my work to discover what I was truly passionate about. Lesley had moved to Santa Cruz with her husband who was pursuing his career working for the University of California Santa Cruz. The Animal Behavior College (ABC) veterinary assistant course is designed to provide you the convenience and costof an online veterinary assistant program with the added benefit of working with a veterinarian or other veterinary personnel in a real-world hospital environment. Since he was still working as a Project Manager, the flexibility of the online veterinary assistant course allowed him to finish the program according to his schedule. The program allowed her to study at her own convenience, and the local externship made it easy for her to get the hands-on training needed to work in the veterinary field. Two weeks ago, I accepted a new position at SCVH as a surgery technician assistant. They were professional and nice.”. How long do you go to school to be a vet assistant? I wouldn’t be where I was today without them. Average Animal Behavior College Veterinary Assistant hourly pay in the United States is approximately $16.00, which is 25% above the national average. 76 terms. The most exciting part is setting up your internship with a local veterinary hospital or clinic when finished with your book work. The courses offered by ABC intrigued her as she is continuously in pursuit of educational opportunities to better herself. She earned a Bachelor’s and later a Master’s degree at Long Island University in New York. Animal husbandry Medical terminology. “At the interview, I was told that I was the only person they were interviewing and the only one they wanted because I had a certificate, proving that I had the knowledge and experience necessary to do the job,” said Lea. The fact that the coursework and curriculum were available online suited Shelly’s busy schedule. After marriage, I joined my husband in the United States. Paul Schmid decided it was “now or never” for him to pursue a career that involved his true love of working with pets. Courses in animal care programs prepare students for roles similar to a veterinary assistant. 2014 - 2017. After a long discussion with my husband, I was convinced that I should follow this path. Start studying Vet Assistant Final Exam Practice. Montréal, QC. Lucky, one of Judy’s friends knew she was looking to go back to school and suggested Animal Behavior College’s Veterinary Assistant Program. “I really liked the 11-stage format and how much time you had to complete each part,” said Paul. It was during those routine veterinary visits that Lindsey recognized that she truly missed working with animals and other people who had the same passion as she did. She explains that her ABC education laid a strong foundation for her future veterinary endeavors. Our bond grew stronger by the day, and the affection turned into true love. Start studying Animal Behavior College Vet assistant Stage 2 exam. Although flattered by the compliment, Jennifer says, “Deep down I knew I wanted to work in the veterinary field. Rio, my Labrador, came into my life when I was in college. Animal Behavior College makes no promises or guarantees about employment. Animals have always played an important role in Katherine Franz’s life. The Veterinary Assistant Program would allow me to help animals in need while also working in my area of interest. Physical rehabilitation helps animals recover more quickly and fully from injury, and can help the “furry family members” live life to the fullest with minimal pain and discomfort. ABC Certified Veterinary Assistant and Certified Dog Trainer, Animal Behavior College, 25104 Rye Canyon Loop, Santa Clarita CA 91355-5004. As a confident ABC vet assistant graduate and certified veterinary assistant, Teresa knows that her ABC education has given her an advantage over other people wishing to become veterinary assistants. Please note that no school can offer any type of guarantee as to whether a graduate will find employment. Lea was working as a county crime scene investigator, but had always dreamed of having a career where she could help animals instead. “With the bad economy, the job market is competitive,” Paola said, “I wanted to have a foundation and some actual experience before I tried to find work.”. Questions? The term “zookeeper” can apply to a variety of positions at a facility, depending on its size, staffing capabilities and budget. When she discovered that military spouses were being offered grants to earn an education to pursue a “portable career,” she jumped at the opportunity. “From the first phone call to the final exam, everyone at the college took their time to get to know me and answer any questions I had. “I am one of those people that learn better at my own pace, so I wanted an online program,” said Lea. Jillian says she naturally felt drawn to working in the animal field, and felt that becoming a vet assistant would be the perfect career choice for her. Northern College is proud to introduce a graduate one-year certificate program for veterinary technicians in response to emerging animal health care needs. Jennifer felt that the techniques discussed in the ABC veterinary assistant curriculum effectively prepared her for the externship portion of the program. As the saying goes, “The best things in life are never planned.” I started volunteering at a local animal shelter. Where Animal Lovers Pursue Animal Careers. Every student receives real work experience during the externship portion of the Veterinary Assistant Program in an approved veterinary … ... Veterinary Assistant Certification Test. Teresa does not plan on halting her education here; she hopes to continue on to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. The school was very flexible and because of that, I was able to complete my work at home at my own pace without compromising anything happening in my busy life,” she comments. She also knew that Animal Behavior College’s in-home study program with hands-on training would be an ideal fit for a stay-at-home mom. Since she had no experience in the veterinary field, Paola knew that she would need to gain some knowledge before trying to get a job as a veterinary assistant. Animal Behavior College makes no promises or guarantees about employment or earnings. I saw the positive reviews for Animal Behavior College and immediately knew that it was the school for me. “I believe that I got the job because I was dual enrolled at Animal Behavior College. It is a smaller practice in my home town of Felton (just 10 minutes from Santa Cruz).“Lucky for me, the three doctors and the team of nurses were very supportive, extremely helpful, patient and excellent teachers. Where Animal Lovers Pursue Animal Careers. The shop owners recognized her potential and urged her to go to school for pet grooming. She graduated from ABC with honors, meaning she scored over 90% on all of her exams and externship. She first heard about Animal Behavior College while watching Animal Planet. He changed my life forever. To others wishing to work in the veterinary field, she describes the crucial characteristics of a person who works with animals – “Compassion, professionalism, dependability, empathy, understanding, and a desire to continue learning and growing in the industry,” she says. The inclusion of a real world training component in ABC’s Veterinary Assistant Program is critical for the learning process. Ever since Lindsey McDonald, ABCVA, can remember, she has always cared for a variety of animals. Shelly Tarr, ABCVA and ABCDT, has always had a love for animals. Helping cats and dogs find a new home gave me immense pleasure. Not enjoying the automotive industry as much as she thought, Lindsey began “searching for herself.” “I began taking odd jobs to see what I like and didn't like, but every year, like clockwork I was expected to take my beloved animals to the vet for their routine exams,” she says. She believes that a good Veterinary Assistant must be “A good communicator, provider of good customer service, posses the ability to spontaneously adjust work flow, have a strong stomach and of course, have a compassion for animals.”. Her ultimate dream for the future is to open her own animal shelter where she can care for critters and pass on her knowledge to other animal lovers. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of: Animal health and disease. Vanier College Veterinary/Animal Health Technology/Technician and Veterinary Assistant. ABC’s Veterinary Assistant Program provided Shelly with the academic foundation and hands-on experience she needed to achieve her goals. Once your foundation has been established… The ABC program is designed to be flexible and convenient so it allowed Lesley to learn from anywhere in the United States which made continuing her education easy, even while she was moving. Animal Behavior College, 25104 Rye Canyon Loop, Santa Clarita CA 91355-5004. Her Program Manager, Ashlie, proved to be very helpful in understanding the curriculum as well as being a great resource – making her experience with Animal Behavior College a wonderful one. The curriculum is divided into 11 stages, most of which are offered online. I loved taking the dogs for long walks and helping pets get adopted. She says, “I’ve been blessed with the ability to communicate with animals, serving as an interpreter, to help people understand why animals do what they do.” Throughout her life, Katherine has frequently volunteered at shelters and rescues as well as pet sat for friends and neighbors. The ABC Vet Assistant Program consists of an in-home study portion coupled with invaluable hands-on training available to students nationwide. She thought back to her passion for animals and began researching animal career training schools that specialized in that field. Animal Behavior College can help you fulfill your passion of working with animals as an ABC Certified Veterinary Assistant (ABCVA). They communicate with pet owners, administer medication, and provide […] We’re proud that some of our students are even hired by their externship facility upon graduation. Just a year and a half later, she is now working as a Surgery Technician Assistant at a veterinary hospital in Santa Cruz, CA where she currently lives. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Interested in a career with animals? Traditional Classroom Environment in Los Angeles California, Veterinary Assistant School and Online Program, Veterinary Technicians Enjoy a Bright Career Outlook, Click here to view Animal Behavior College’s Annual Reports. Jillian Hoy, ABCVA, was born in Fairbanks, AK, in 1992 and moved to Redding, CA, in 2001. “I took my resume and went in-person to the vet offices in my area,” said Judy. Shelley applied and was awarded the job. I was lucky to skip that whole step and walked into being a nurse with all kinds of knowledge and skills that the kennel workers take months or even years to gain,” she says. I saw him grow from a little puppy to an adult. Actually, Teresa continues to volunteer with the Vet Clinic of Palm Harbor to this day as extra preparation for her career in veterinary assisting. Katherine comments, “I saw the ABC Veterinary Assistant Program as a way to open many doors for me in the animal industry.”. There, she would care for the general well-being of the dogs, which entailed cleaning the kennels, providing them with food and water and administering medication if necessary. In addition, you’ll be able to extend your professional network and build relationships, which may increase your opportunities for employment. Earning a veterinary assistant certificate from Animal Behavior College gives job seekers more credibility when applying to positions or seeking further education in the veterinary field. She says, “I was the girl playing outside with ants and rescuing spiders. ABC’s online veterinary assistant course allowed her to continue working while she trained for her new career at her own pace in the comfort of her home. Veterinary Assistant School Curriculum. Animal Care Assistant C. McGill University 4.3. Turn your interest and passion for animal care into a career. They enjoyed my enthusiasm and liked the fact that I was attending a school that was relevant to my new job,” she comments. Due to moving regulations, Rio was forced to stay with my parents in India where he is keeping them company. Jennifer Contessa, ABCVA, researched various veterinary assistant programs and finally decided to apply to Animal Behavior College. During the externship portion of the ABC Veterinary Assistant Program, you’ll be placed in a veterinary setting, such as a local animal hospital or clinic, where you’ll experience the veterinary industry first-hand. Shelly had worked at a veterinary hospital previously and knew it would be a career path she would thoroughly enjoy. “A lot of assistants seem to work up from a kennel type background. She remarks, “I felt completely confident starting my internship at Farmingville Animal Hospital. The hands-on portion is what makes ABC’s Vet Assistant Program stand out from the competition, according to Lea. “It has already opened my eyes to different types of illnesses and needs that animals have that I never knew possible,” she says. This demand may open the door to many possibilities for you to become a vet assistant or pursue other animal careers. The system of moral principles that determines appropriate behavior and actions within a specific group. I was amazed, and really happy.”. “She even helped me with my resume after I had already graduated. I later took a second part-time job as a Radiation Assistant in a much larger hospital, Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital (SCVH). $23.88 an hour (v) May be required to operate various equipment for animal care and animal husbandry. Veterinary software applications Animal care programs prepare students in areas like animal behaviour, wellness, grooming, science and treatment. © 2000 - 2021 Animal Behavior College. Animal Behavior College’s (ABC) Certified Veterinary Assistant Program was the perfect fit for Lea’s educational goals.

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