Comes with a one-year warranty. The first diameter is the highest you can go in size that will actually fit while when it comes to the latter, add one inch, is the minimum size your screen can fit your pit. This spark screen is sturdy but lightweight so that it can be carried around with much ease. The fire is the focal point, not the screen. Serenity Health & Home Décor The diameter of the outside edge is the maximum size you can buy that will fit. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. Size: First, you need to check out for the perfect size of fire pits that will suit you. Over the years, Sunnydaze Decor has been known as manufacturers of high-end garden and backyard tools. You know how valuable they are — you just want to know what the best fire pit spark screen material is. In that case, you can. Good Directions 30″ Large Spark Screen – Best Waterproof fire pit spark screen, 7. It also comes in different sizes and they are all known to be waterproof. Sunnydaze Fire Pit Spark Screen Cover - Outdoor Heavy Duty Round Steel Firepit Lid - Easy Access Fire Pit Topper with Protective Metal Mesh Screen - 22 Inch 4.4 out of 5 stars 467 $93.95 - $189.00 It is important to know that spark screens may rust over time and it can also be affected at times by the hot raging fire. If you purchase a spark screen that matches the inside diameter, the screen will fall in. 1. The company scouts every continent to find and produce beautiful and innovative products for consumers. Functionally, it should last many years, but it also depends on if it’s sitting in all kinds of weather and how comfortable you are with some rust on the screen, which is likely to occur over time. Getting the one which suits your needs is very important and we have put up this best 10 fire pit spark screen to help you make the right decision. Also known as a spark guard, this type of product has a steel cover that allows the fire to get all the oxygen it needs to combust without giving off or spitting out any dangerous spark. If you don’t want to lift the entire screen off the. Whether it’s a cold winter night or a starry summer evening, sitting around an outdoor fire has a timeless, sentimental charm. If you purchase a spark screen that matches the inside diameter, the screen will fall in. Some are simply one piece, while others feature a retractable or sliding portion for convenience. The main function of a spark screen is to prevent sparks and ash from flying out of the fire pit while also preventing the risk of starting a fire in your backyard. In this price range, you’re paying for longevity as well as size. The Sunnydaze Outdoor Fire Pit Spark Screen Cover Guard Accessory is a total recommendation as a pit fire spark screen. You might want to invest in a stainless steel guard or one that’s coated in weatherproof paint, or you can cover the screen with a tarp when it isn’t in use. The handle on the spark screen itself can get extremely hot, so some screens come with a lifter, or screen hook, which lets you easily remove the screen from the pit. When users purchase this product, they don’t have to worry about assembling. Height isn’t necessarily designed with respect to width. Measuring about 25″ in diameter, the Sunnydaze Round Outdoor Heavy duty Fire Pit Spark Screen Cover Guard is a spark screen that the network is woven in an X-shaped way which makes it more sturdy and durable. Q. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. Sunnydaze Square Outdoor Fire Pit Spark Screen Cover Guard – Best Square-Shaped spark screen, 8. The Good Directions 30″ Large Spark Screen is a very high quality offering the highest form of pit fire protection with undeniable durability. There might be some assembly required with this type of screen. While we sometimes crave for this, we should know that safety is an important factor, especially when you are dealing with outdoor fire. That large, hot piece of metal needs a safe place to rest. This company makes your exterior and interior spaces an enviable one which makes life easier for its users. A bit of rust shouldn’t hamper the function of the screen if the rust is confined to the edges or bottom, but when it impacts the metal mesh, sparks may be able to get through. The best fire pits for 2021: Tiki, BioLite, Solo Stove and more. 2-piece spark screen design requires some assembly before use. your fire pit. This fire pit combines a strong steel construction with very attractive designs that are cut into the surface of the pit, therefore, allows the mellow glow of the fire … If it matches the inside diameter, the screen will fall in. I totally recommend it. The Yaheetech metal backyard fire pit is a marvelous unit that features a classic yet elegant design is very straightforward with its installation instructions and comes with all the needed parts. It is important to determine both the size and shape of the pit so that your custom screen can be made to fit the pit … However, there are a few screens that offer some extra features. Circular profile of the spark screen provides a tight seal around the edge of the fire pit. . If you don’t want to lift the entire screen off the fire pit every time you need to add a log or stoke the flame, consider a hinged screen. Thus, easily being able to ignite any combustible material nearby you. is a participant in the Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The mesh of the spark screen is built with high-quality steel which makes this product a very durable one. Offers the same level of durability and protection as larger screens but in about half the size. When shopping for fire pit spark screens, the best options are … For tips on selecting the perfect flame guard for your fire pit, read on. With this design, you can slide back a portion of the screen like a door or gate to allow easy access to the fire. The BestReviews editorial team researches hundreds of products based on consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. Wood-burning fire pits can produce wilds embers or sparks. Purchasing a fire pit that fits perfectly does not only make the fire efficient but well controlled. range, including hinged screens. Some designs are decorative swirls or other abstract shapes, but if you’re willing to spend more, you can also find some custom-made domes with hand-cut designs, such as woodland scenes of deer, ducks, and trees. The Sun Joe Universal 26″ Wire Mesh Screen/Spark Guard provides a wide mesh layer of protection to keep fire sparks away from users while exposing the natural beauty of the fire. 1. Regardless of your need, it is important to keep off the sparks from reaching to anyone as you keep warm. Most screens don’t come with tools. Fire Pit Spark Screen comes in different varieties and sizes which is suitable for any user. It has a side door that makes it possible for users to add more wood or fuel to the fire in the pit but most times, this feature does not function due to exposure to heat. The type of spark screen to choose when you have a medium-size fire pit to cover for increased safety. When shopping for a spark screen, the measurement of circular screens is the diameter. A taller screen means you can pile the wood higher, while a lower screen will limit this. We believe that our top 10 guides on purchasing the best fire pit spark screens will take you a long way when making your choice. Get exclusive content, advice, and tips from BestReviews delivered to your inbox. It is one of the best outdoor fire pits … Size: you want your fire pit screen to fit perfectly atop your fire pit. There are two shapes of fire pit spark screens namely: square and round. Although this square spark screen is designed as sleek, sturdy, and durable, some users complain that it can be affected by the pit fire’s heat over time. It does its job very well and there is no arguing with that. This also makes it so resistant to weather conditions prolonging its life and trying as much as possible to prevent rust. Split-screen design makes the spark screen easy to lift up when accessing the fire pit. We tried out a slew of popular fire pits from Solo Stove, BioLite, Tiki and others. This spark screen is designed ergonomically with hinged doors to allow users have access within. Sunnydaze Easy-Opening Fire Pit Spark Screen Cover Accessory – Best 36″, 5. Prevents stray sparks from escaping between any small gaps. Assembling is simple and it just takes about 20 minutes to do so with the hardware provided in the package. . Buying guide for best fire glass for fire pits. While you might be able to devise a creative arrangement with two different shapes, it’s best to match the screen shape to the fire pit shape. The sole purpose of fire … The Hampton’s Buzaar 40 Inch Round Fire Pit Spark Screen is a must-have for fire pit lovers. However, this issue is common amongst most fire screen users and after exposure, it may start to wrap and rust over time. Large handle makes it easy to move the screen when desired. After each use, use a brush or foam and remove all debris before you pug it away in a cool dry place. The mesh of the spark screen is built with high-quality steel which makes this product a very durable one.

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