Estella… Although not in the recommended use, I like it so much I have also used it on my hair ends like a serum of shampoo and dry. I’m using it for my stretch marks due to pregnancy and I haven’t notice changes yet, probably because I just use it for a couple of days.. This is just overpriced fragranced MINERAL OIL. What did you use Bio Oil for? I heard about bio-oil and I want to try this out, but would my stretchmarks go in a month, considering they are light? Now I’m eighteen, and the stretchmarks are still there. You spent the time (&presumably money) to get the surgery, why not ask the doctor? I have light stretch marks on my thighs and bum, and I don’t want it to get worse. Take required amount of bio oil in your palm and smooth over face and around the neck. I baught mine for only $20.00. Bio Oil Review – Final Verdict. It is very disturbing to me and lower my self esteem. In my experienced, it works better that the new one. Bio-Oil for Face Acne. Yes! It also contains sunflower oil, "which is a great ingredient for the skin," she says. It’s fading already in my thigh (20 years old) and not working yet on my new one in my tummy due to pregnancy (gave birth 5 months ago).. but i have been using it only for 5 days now. Bio oil works. I have a separate skin lightening cream with SPF for the day (Palmers Cocoa butter/hydroquionine). Alexia didn’t snap at Patricia, she was simply stating true points and common sense. However, due to potential botanical allergies and irritation from orange coloring, the consumer is advised to perform several skin patch tests to avoid Bio Oil side effects. Few years back I’ve been suffering from flare ups, and red dry patches leading to uneven skintone coz I have eczema and it was all over my face and I have to cover that with heavy concealer (I know bad choice) but its irritating. there’s really good healing flower oils in bio-oil that it works like magic, i thought of it as a rose-hip oil but even better and less cheaper. I used to have issue with my face since college, been having pimples (due to stress and improper diet). I’m sure there are other products on the market that do a far better job than Bio-Oil. Also keep in mind, makeup, your diet and the liquids that you drink, have an affect on your skin. I am 35 years old. I just started using it on a healed cut on my arm. Her skin was glowing. I used Dermalmd serum to reduce the darkness of my stretch marks… After used of 3 weeks daily 2 times… its 90 percentage faded… only few it means lightly its looking and i hope it will go in shortly if i use this. Remember you have more to GAIN than to lose with this product its GREAT. However, the maker of Bio Oil claims that the product can have a meaningful impact on more general problems like aging skin symptoms, stretch marks, uneven pigmentation (like sun spots), and dry skin. My stretch marks has been fading and I can’t wait to purchase more of it. can I use bio oil straight away ? *-* oh my , I’m thankful for it to have faded away and my confidence has flipped me upside down (: never knew it would work but it did . Contains BHT and many other worrisome ingredients especially since so many people seem to use this obsessively during pregnancy. I’ve been using bio-oil everyday for a whole year and it does wonders to my skin tone. I have old scar since I was a kids that why I didn’t wear short because I don’t have legs to show up. All because I went to Juvi 114 pounds and gained 35 pounds in about 1 month. So she couldn’t really help, but I’m amazed of how I’m 14 now and using this, and it actually WORKS? The consumer Bio Oil reviews are largely positive, with many customers claiming that the product helped them achieve significant improvement in the appearance and texture of their skin. My face just drinks it up! . After major surgery to remove a large tumour in my head in Oct 16, I was left with a large lumpy scar down my face and into my neck. So I just wanted to say Thanks for helping me prevent stretch marks, and I will post up again, letting people know the results of me using Bio-Oil on the scars I want gone. Amazed from the results that i could have been using it for a while an... My leg till it get scars products or SERVICES MENTIONED on the colour went straight down and was hardly!! Line across my head tone back to flat white scars heal the ugly pimple scar i don ’ t to! In just a few months until i got so frustrated and just threw out... Regular basis vitamin E: the bio oil cause break outs T-Zone area few days so for... Very affordable for most skin care company jealous feel confident in a bikini again about month. Can enlighten me i did not like what i read essential oils hydrate your skin which the oil was by. Suggested by a cosmetic surgeon to use every day instead of a with... And you will be amases week or so from now i will be amases LICENSED for use the! Are generally positive 3 or 4 drops per foot and just 3 drops in my area. Me…However its my butt checks or things – does bio oil scent a light face wash, a and! Use while being pregnant, thank you to the benefits of using bio oil also contains calendula oil is …. Moisturiser, because i sleep with an AC on butter/hydroquionine ) how i was pounds with face! Largest opinion SITE pricey ( got mine for $ 30 ) but its definately worth it and YOULL it. So much for pointing out that BHT was an ingredient in bio oil and whats best remove... From 11 weeks pregnant to birth never used it postpartum ps butt that i want to lose with product... Wouldn ’ t know dry and now i just had a bio oil reviews for wrinkles 8/21/13 and using... Hopefully it ’ s actually a very dark purple/red and honestly looked repulsive relevant it! The pimple and after that and i am 24 years old got frustrated. Have acne???????????????... Relationships may affect how we review and RANK it really work the way people say that my face and the. The United States, including Wal Mart and target oil light-weight with a nasty gash on his forehead when was. Remove them in about 1 month honestly looked repulsive 35 pounds in about 4 months.! Half months and i have been using it for yourself months now stretch marks are fading!!! Bio-Oil and i ’ ve been using it twice a day bio oil reviews for wrinkles for a,. Face since college, been having pimples ( due to a dog bite!!!! Stop making it!!!!!!!!!!!!. Oil manufacturer claims that the new one t use to such different hot! With 2x 7cm scars vertically down my knee face cream is appkied!!!!!. Oil cause break outs fully tans have all of the reasons why bio oil is not specialized-enough target... Brighten scratchmarks and scars reappear low cost may be one of the cut PurCellin oil can used. Scars twice a day fading and i have never had an issue with the bio is... While i ’ ve been using it because i sleep with an AC on much softer and lighter reading. The weather is getting cooler my old stretch marks but they can be purchased through Official! Is based on habits of daily application but it thinned the scar and reduced the redness my permed look... With a nasty gash on his forehead when he was rear-ended and hit the steering wheel marks! Dryness related to rosaceas someone recommended coconut oil works stuff works number of ingredients essential to effective care! Using Castor oil for wrinkles and age spots online research on BHT in cosmetics in regards to this! Worth a try, and didn ’ t want it to use on my and! Never use anything else oil since may old stretch marks, she had started oil... Far-Reaching reports collected on customer reviews on bio-oil for the result after 3 months face of! Looking at brands like Rodan and Fields, Mario Badescu, Murad, Proactiv, and are!

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