Sony’s APS-C mirrorless cameras consistently underwhelm when it comes to battery life, and neither of these cameras manages to break that trend. There is a way around it though: With an L bracket with a hot or cold shoe mount, you can place the microphone out of the way. 2359k dot vs 1440k dot: 63% higher resolution : Eye Tracking Focus. Rank in All Cameras: #92 Rank in Mirrorless Cameras: #53. Overall Score. However, what’s missing is in-body image stabilization. The a6400 has a rating that varies between 360 and 410 shots depending on if you’re using the viewfinder … Battery Life. A larger investment of $1,200 gets you the Sony E PZ 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 OSS. The battery life on the Sony a6400 is rated at 360 shots. Portrait. Any frame rate over 60 fps is a bonus for cinematic slow motion. If you had to solve a CAPTCHA challenge every time you opened an app on your phone, would you still use that app? When you go from 20-30 minutes for the a6300 or 50-60 with the a6500 to 80-90 minutes with the a6400 plus no overheating, you can get excited. The A6400 … The a6400 has one SD media card slot. That’s a huge improvement and should be applauded. But the catch is usually that lenses add the weight back on, leaving you with a disproportionately weighted camera, with an even smaller grip. A battery will last around the same amount of time, so a larger card is not necessary unless you want to only change out the battery when needed. Sony A6400. If you ever use the Sony A6400 extensively in a day, you will run down the battery. Battery Life. It’s mostly notable because the a6300 and a6500 both had a very poor battery life. And a battery swap takes seconds. Lastly is AVCHD for your 60i needs at both 17 and 24 Mbps. Sony’s A6400 camera occupies a sort of middle-ground between its top-of-the-line a6500 model and the accessible, ultra-cheap a6000. That shouldn’t be so hard, right? If you are shooting 4k video then the battery will last around 1 hour 22 minutes. Features. Simply panning the camera around will show you a clear 4K image, albeit with jelly-like movement. 23.5 x 15.6mm vs 14.9 x 22.3mm; 394 more focus points? 8. The Sony a6400 is a well-equipped camera with solid image quality and a great price considering its specs. Left: Sony NP-FW50 – Right: Fujifilm NP-W126S. It’s still quite poor, however, and like the a6300, the a6500 is known to overheat. To partner its advanced AF system, the Alpha A6400 can shoot at up to 11fps with both AF and AE. Instead, it’s a combination of electronic IS and optical IS from the lens. Battery Life. Sony a6000, a6300, a6500 Battery Life The a6500 has a little bit better battery life than the a6300. Sony a6400 vs Sony a6500 Build & Handling. Environmental Sealing. That will get you the prime Sony E 16mm f/2.8. The a6400 is compact and weighs just 14.22 ounces. Having Real-time Eye AF enabled meant that I simply had to follow my subject with the camera, ensuring the photo was framed to my liking, rather than having to refocus every time and adjust settings if my subject ever moved from position. The M50 shoots up to UHD 4K and offers Dual Pixel CMOS AF. At $899 for the body alone, $999 for the 16–50mm kit lens, or $1299 with an 18–135mm zoom lens, the a6400 has the parts to be the ideal compact powerhouse for any photography enthusiast or vlogger, but it misses on execution. The Sony A6600 is more evolution than revolution, offering a feature set that is largely unchanged since 2016's A6500. Otherwise, if you pick a heavier attachment like the $2,200 FE 2.8 / 16–35 GM zoom lens I’ve been testing the camera with, you’ll find the a6400’s small grip to be too uncomfortable to leverage the extra weight in glass. • Unlimited continuous video shooting is possible, limited by battery life and card size. However, at this price, it’s likely no camera will do everything you want. It flips up through a full 180 degrees so that you can see yourself while you’re filming yourself presenting to the camera. Similarly, “Real-time Eye AF” tracks the subject’s eyes and body using AI, and will be updated to support animals later this year. Stabilization in Sony’s lenses on the other hand can be far more effective. Sony A6400 … Looking at the a6400, you might wonder how different it is from the a6300 or the a6500. The battery life for alpha line cameras has never been great, but mirrorless cameras tend to have a shorter battery life. We didn’t have much time to do a long exposure time-lapse, so we were hoping it would be easy to set up, and fortunately, it was. Below you can see the front view size comparison of Canon M50 II and Sony A6400. The a6400 offers some strengths over both cameras. The a6400 has a rating that varies between 360 and 410 shots depending on if you’re using the viewfinder or LCD monitor. The meters don’t show you the difference between a good signal and a noisy one. That said, video shooters simply don’t get to enjoy the benefits. Battery Life. The last quirk is specific to video shooters. The a6100 is powered by Sony's oft-lamented W battery… Third party charger and extra batteries on Amazon here. Besides lacking touch control in the menus, the screen bumps into the viewfinder eyecup when you try to get the full 180-degree position. Value for Money. It’s got a longer battery life than previous versions, and it includes a new autofocus system that Sony calls Real-time Tracking AF. Something else to note (and something a6500 users know) is that internal stabilization in these APS-C sized bodies is next to useless. 2. Canon T8i Review: another great Canon DSLR, Sony FX6 reviewed – the lowlight cinema camera champion, A hands-on review of the GoPro HERO9 Black, Sigma fp review: An odd but capable cinema camera with potential, Best microphone for video production — 2020, The best audio editing software for video editors — 2021, The best desktop computers for video editing — 2020, The best laptops for video editing — 2020, How to choose the right computer for video editing: 4 key specs to check. Compact size as A4 paper, 14 hours battery life, OLED display, … Canon EOS M2. There are two camera tabs, one for photo and one for video. 99. Battery life: 360 shots Weight: 403g The Alpha A6400 features the sane electronic viewfinder (EVF) as the A6300 and A6500, with a 2.36 million-dot unit with 0.7x magnification. To charge the device, you simply put it down on its charging base. Slowed down to 24 fps, 120 fps is five times slower. When shooting HD, however, it’s not an issue. However, the a6400 won’t create a video in-camera in this mode. The a6400 looks super familiar to anyone who has used the a6300 or a6500 but Sony definitely added some features to make this a super attractive option for both photography and video. Follow the comparison links for a detailed one … The Sony A6400 will be available to buy in February 2019 for £950 (body only). Toward the end of the video review, Chris says, “…all the weaknesses the camera has can be solved…” What’s the solution to no internal stabilization? 4K shooting that requires fast panning will not look good on this camera. The hinge design also makes it difficult to use the a6400 for vlogging. If you need a fully charged battery, please request it via the order notes. The a6400 uses the same battery as the three-year-old a6300 and so it’s rated at just 360 shots, which I found accurate as it died in the middle of a shoot with some friends. Related: Best Accessories for Sony a6000, a6300, a6400, a6500. The a6400 also has the deeper grip that was first introduced in the a6500. On one hand, the a6400 is missing a big feature from the a6500: in-body image stabilization. The a6400 gives you two bitrate options for 120 fps: 60 megabits per second and 100 Mbps. Electronics $33.99 $ 33. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Whether you’re recording audio for a commercial, a wedding or your next feature film, you need the best microphone possible. I can't recall ever getting less than 400 on any battery. The a6400 offers a custom menu, where you can add the features you use most. With super-fast AF and highly precise subject tracking, it's ideal for capturing fast-moving action, while … The battery life on the Sony a6400 is rated at 360 shots. But before I can do any of that, I need to actually turn the features on, and they’re not enabled by default. Sony has long offered a log gamma picture profile to just about every camera they make. Power and Connectivity. You can also shoot time-lapse video at down to 1 fps in this mode. While some of the a6400’s new features (like real-time tracking) are especially exciting for a camera of this size and price, its flaws like the screen and menu system are nuisances that make it hard to fall in with. The CIPA rating for the Sony a6500 is 310 shots, versus 360 shots on the a6400. I was impressed with the real-time tracking AF abilities and focus times, but it’s absolutely far from perfect. We tested shooting the beach on a windy day. Using the a6400 these past few weeks, I found out that it’s not quite the game-changing compact mirrorless camera I hoped for, but rather an inoffensive camera with a few good qualities. It can even hold a candle to Sony’s best full-frame cameras, covering 84 percent of the image area compared to 93 percent on the Alpha A9. You can get around this by sliding the eyecup off, but now you’re in a position to lose it. Tripod for the Sony A6400 Sony’s latest mirrorless camera shows the limits of an aging platform, Intelligent and versatile autofocus system, Tiltable display doesn’t articulate and isn’t functional in menus, 2.95-inch 180-degree tiltable LCD touchscreen, Hybrid autofocus with 425 phase and contrast detection points, Electronic viewfinder with 100 percent field coverage, NP-FW50 rechargeable battery pack 360 shots (viewfinder) / ~410 shots (LCD monitor), Weighs 14.3 ounces (battery and SD card included). Also, if you do want to use the a6400 primarily for video, I’d recommend setting the programmable “C1” button to be your video recording button. 1. supports Wi-Fi. The layout and feel of the Sony Alpha A6400 breaks no new ground as it looks and handles like almost every other A6000-series camera. So whether you're using the A6400, or CaNikon's MILCs, you're going to have low battery life. Plus, you can also capture internal time-lapse. Pretty nice review. Daily. Let’s dig a bit deeper into our experience with the Sony a6400. It’s March of 2019 and Sony still refuses to allow their Alpha camera touchscreens to work with the system menus, for reasons unknown and that I can’t understand. Sony’s tab system for finding the grouping of menu operations is intuitive. The device can connect to Wi-Fi. Yes vs No: shoot at tough conditions : Viewfinder Resolution. So this camera is suitable for use in sports-shooting flagship. Batteries last for approximately 360-410 shots or 70-125 minutes recording. Battery life: 360 shots Weight: 403g The Alpha A6400 features the sane electronic viewfinder (EVF) as the A6300 and A6500, with a 2.36 million-dot unit with 0.7x magnification. We recommend choosing a color that isn’t already represented in your image. Portability. We’re happy to see interval shooting built into this camera. With the Sony a6400, you can record until either your media card fills up or the battery dies. Real-time tracking on the a6400 uses Sony’s algorithms and artificial intelligence to recognize subjects and follow them. In real life, on vacation I can see 400-500 shots per charge on my A6300 with walkaround general photography, or up to 1,400 shots per battery … MSRP $1,399.99 $1,398.00 at Amazon Wasabi Power NP-FW50 Camera Battery (4-Pack) and Dual USB Charger for Sony Alpha a6000, a6300, a6400, a6500, a7, a7 II, a7R, a7R II, a7S, a7S II, RX10 II, III, IV Battery (1300mAh, Micro USB Input) 4.8 … This is a great feature for wedding and event videographers or anyone who hits the 29:59 record limit of most DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The solution to internal stabilization is stabilized lenses Turtle Man. It’s located right next to the shutter button and is much less awkward than the default option, which is placed in the middle of the thumb grip. Fujifilm X-T30. If you require slow-motion playback, there is S&Q mode. For both myself and some of my colleagues on the video team, the a6400’s small grip was just inadequately sized and uncomfortable. Sony brings its class-leading autofocus tech and big Z battery to its a6600 APS-C camera, but we wish there were improvements in other areas too. Flipping the screen upward would mean that the mic completely blocks the screen, rendering it useless. Sony a6400 Has a remote control. Concerning battery life, the A6400 gets 410 shots out of its NP-FW50 battery, while the ZV-1 can take 260 images on a single charge of its NP-BX1 power pack. Two of the most … This screen is perhaps the A6400’s ‘killer’ feature. These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. It uses a 24.2-megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensor that shoots up to UHD 4K at 30 frames per second at 100 megabits per second. That means it’s priced between them, as well. Regardless of the type of tracking, what video shooters need most is consistent focus performance. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. For HD there is XAVC S HD with 24, 30, 60 and 120 fps at 16, 50, 60 and 100 Mbps. Fujifilm X-T30. The main highlights are the Real-time Eye AF and Tracking autofocus features, an updated image processor, and a 180-degree flipping touchscreen. Sony a6400 Mirrorless Digital Camera Bundle : 16-50mm Lens, 55-210mm Lens, 64 GB SDXC Card, Filter Kit, Batteries, USB Charger, Corel Photo Suite, Messenger Bag, and Flex Tripod Bundle (9 … If you're an avid shooter this camera will last around 2 dives. On the bright side, the a6500 does offer in-body image stabilization. Audio: AC3, Dolby Digital 2ch, Linear PCM, 3840 x 2160p at 24/25/30 fps (100, 60 Mb/s XAVC S), 1920 x 1080p at 100/120 fps (100, 60 Mb/s XAVC S), 1920 x 1080p at 24/25/30/50/60 fps (50 Mb/s XAVC S), 1920 x 1080p at 50/60 fps (25 Mb/s XAVC S), 1920 x 1080p at 25/30 fps (16 Mb/s XAVC S), 1920 x 1080i at 50/60 fps (24, 17 Mb/s AVCHD), Display Screen: 3″ Rear Screen Tilting Touchscreen LCD (921,600), Connectivity: 1/8″ Microphone, HDMI D (Micro), USB 2.0 Micro-B, Wired Remote Port, Dimensions (W x H x D): 4.7 x 2.6 x 2.4″ / 120.0 x 66.9 x 59.7 mm, Weight: 14.22 oz / 403 g (with battery and memory card). First, the batteries are much smaller compared to DSLR models and, second, the EVF consumes a lot of energy as a miniature computer monitor. Sony A6400. For instance, the a6400 has a flip out screen — great for vloggers — but the design means you can’t attach accessories directly to the hot shoe and flip up the display at the same time. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to find inexpensive third-party versions of this battery, so I recommend picking up a few spares to keep in your camera bag. Sony’s cameras are split into full-frame and APS-C offerings, with both lines sharing the same E mount for its lenses. The Sony A6400 offers fantastic specifications for the price and features. The A6400 does have a fairly substantial battery, though, with a life of 360 shots when using the viewfinder and 410 shots using the rear screen. We have listed the top 10 cameras in Mirrorless cameras that we think can be a good match. We mentioned before that the camera lacks in-body image stabilization. For more information, see our ethics policy. Once the subject goes out of framing, the camera searches for a new subject. 8. If the 18-135mm is for you, it comes in a kit, bringing the price down by $200 compared to buying the lens by itself. For $1,300, you get a camera that can shoot up to 4K at 60 frames per second in Blackmagic RAW. As noted, theirs a lot to like about the a6400, but the lack of in-body stabilization is borderline deal-killer. Any hunting for the focus point and the shot will be unusable. When shooting video, without tracking, tap focus is very responsive but difficult to use if you are shooting an active subject. Click through to find out about their relative size and key specifications. The effect is lessened with RAW images compared to JPEGs (RAWs are always better for editing), although that is to be expected because of the additional data available in the file. There’s a lot to love about the new Sony a6400. Landscape. The a6400 has significant rolling shutter when shooting in 4K. We preferred having a constant aperture across the zoom of the lens over getting a longer zoom. 10.33% larger sensor? Looking outside of Sony for an APS-C sensor camera that shoots 4K, we find the Fujifilm X-T30. They both cost $600. Next up is the affordable Canon EOS M50 for just $680. Battery life. There are two reasons why mirrorless cameras have much shorter battery life. In the end, the a6400 sure does check off a lot of boxes. Fujifilm X-T30. All of the new AF functions are geared toward photographers. This will slow the video in-camera, forcing it to 24 or 30 fps. Whit best auto focus in the industry, which makes hard to miss focus, this is great camera for both video and photography. With few exceptions, you won’t need to go deeper than two levels on the menu to adjust settings on the a6400. Now it is time to look at the Sony A6400 competitors in more detail. The Canon EOS M50 also has a fully articulating screen that offers much more flexibility than that of the a6400. With a top frame rate of 120 fps in HD, the a6400 has a single SD card slot and no headphone jack. CONs: Low Battery Life: 330 shots more... #2 Canon M6 MII Compare with Sony A6400: 33 MP | APS-C CMOS Sensor Canon EF-M Mount. On the plus side, the a6400’s body is weather-sealed for moisture and dust — like the a6300 and a6500 before it — but only Sony’s large and expensive full-frame lenses are also weather-sealed, so you should double check your lenses before heading out to shoot in the next downpour. Depending on your lens selection, this could be more or less of an issue for you. Sony has done a good job updating the technology inside its APS-C cameras, especially the autofocus system, but now it needs to turn its attention to the body and user interface. It offers only touch AF, and the 5-inch screen has no articulation. Bad rolling shutter is another issue I came across when recording video. I found this to be … Sony A6400. The a6400 uses the same battery as the three-year-old a6300 and so it’s rated at just 360 shots, which I found accurate as it died in the middle of a shoot with some friends. Imaging . They are all easy to find and equip, and they are mostly effective. All the latest video techniques and gear reviews, sent straight to your inbox. Mirrorless cameras have been notorious for offering poor rolling shutter performance. Simply put, the a6400 is a replacement for the a6300. The display on the a6400 offers a much larger tilt range, including a selfie mode. Still, the longer battery life coupled with no record limit time gives the a6400 more legs as an ideal B-camera for events. Most editing software can combine images to make time-lapse video. Real-time Tracking AF doesn’t do much for video shooters, however, and Real-time Eye AF isn’t available for video at all. The lack of in-camera stabilization means you’ll have to rely on your lens and its own stabilization features, which around three dozen Sony lenses do have, fortunately. Finally, although there is no headphone jack, the camera does give you meters for a visual representation of the audio being captured. It uses phase-detect AF with 425 points. Battery Sony A6400 is powered by battery which provides a shooting life of 410 according to CIPA standards. If you’re wondering about image quality: it is solid. Yeah, you heard that right — no record limit. Most of the grip side of the camera is occupied by buttons, leaving little space for a user’s thumb and in the case of someone wearing a glove, none at all. It expands the capabilities of the camera as a whole. Sony A6400 is powered by battery which provides a shooting life of 410 according to CIPA standards. Likewise, the camera does not have a headphone jack, making it a poor choice for shooting when the audio needs to be at its best. I purchased the Sony A6600 for a number of reasons, I already own a Sony A6000 which I have had since the release over 5 years ago, I was tempted to purchase the A6400 as it does have the same simply unbeatable auto focus but I also wanted the Image Stabilisation for my manual lenses and the larger capacity battery. The manufacturer offers a branded wireless charging kit. On the other hand, the a6400 resolves two major flaws of the a6500: short battery life and a propensity to overheat. The price isn't terrible if you only need 1 extra battery. You can also opt for a aftermarket Vello BG-S5 battery grip which holds two batteries and also helps with the ergonomics when using larger heavy lenses. The smaller size means that you have less real estate for all the buttons and dials you might need when shooting. Videographers will often place a shotgun microphone on the hot shoe mount of their cameras. It has a lot of things going for it — like reliably good image quality and a fast hybrid AF system — but those positive traits are buried under a bedrock of convoluted menus and awkward ergonomics. FREE Shipping by Amazon. 180shots longer battery life? We then doubled the ISO while balancing the increased light with the shutter speed. The other tabs are for network, playback and setup. From the top, the camera has no record limit time. Lightweight, compact and sturdily built, the α6400 is loaded with impressive capabilities and features. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Like many mirrorless cameras, the Sony A6400 has very poor battery life. Before we go too deep into the review, let’s do a quick overview of the Sony a6400. If I were to take the Sony A6400 on a vacation, I’d probably run down the battery in less than a morning. What is the difference between Sony A6400 and Canon EOS M2? Outside of that, the a6400 sports a new image processor and some new video features like S&Q mode and interval and HLG shooting. Categories. The CIPA rating for the Sony a6500 is 310 shots, versus 360 shots on the a6400… • Sony a6400 Startup Guide • Sony a6400 Help Guide • Sony a6400 … A 64-gigabyte card will capture about 85 minutes of UHD 4K footage at 24fps set at a bit rate of 100 Mbps. The a6400 is no different with both SLog-2 and SLog-3, as well as HLG, enabling Sony’s HDR workflow. 420 shots vs 410 shots: 10 more frames with a single charge : Weight. You can get third party NP-FW50 batteries for much less than an OEM Sony battery. So if I am after a Great Sony to capture my Yoga Videos, that has no limits in recording time but has a mic input what are my options? Find the Top Battery Grip For Sony A6400 with the MSN Buying Guides >> Compare Products and Brands by Quality, Popularity and Pricing >> Updated 2021 I’ve shot video with an a6300 since it’s release, and I’ve found it more than sufficient just buying my longer focal length glass in an OSS variant. We mentioned before that the camera has improved autofocus, but of the new AF options, only Real-Time Tracking AF works for video. You can choose to conform to 30 or 24 fps when shooting at 120fps offering 4 and 5 times slow-mo respectively. We all got along great shooting professional video before the days of stabilization by simply shooting with steady hands, now everyone seems to “need” it. You can get an APS-C lens for as little as $250. Now it’s possible to hold the camera with one hand and really feel like I have a tool that’s both powerful and wieldable.

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