Disconnected meaning long at the top while the sides and back are short. If you have a Diamond face shape, the following description may sound familiar: Your face length is the largest measurement, followed by your cheekbones, forehead width and jawline. Here’s the link: Yes you have a remarkably diamond face shape! Thanks, Alexander. how should Is style it? You have a diamond face shape if: ☑ Your face … I’m definitely going to take some advice from the heart shaped cuts though. I know, I saw. The overall objective is to ensure that the beard remains neutral with regards to their angular features. Everyone’s method is different and it’s not an exact science. These are my measurements: Overall, I’d say that you have an oblong face shape with diamond features – it’s actually possible to have more than one face shape. Have you tried measuring it? The oval face is a longer version of the round face shape. How should be hairstyles for diamond face shape? Forehead 13 cm 4) Jamie Dornan – Oval What do you think are the face shapes of the following celebrities When choosing glasses for a diamond face shape, remember its characteristic angular features. It’s me again, I got skinnier and wanted to know if my face is still a diamond like you said. It sounds like you may have either a square or triangle face shape. And my eyeborws are very thick and i m tall in height with dark brown hair colour, have normal body, and a big nose on face…, i have also heart shaped face so0 what hair style i cut. Care to help?? hello,i am having many trouble trying to figure out my face shape and i really hope you can help:) .. i have a heart shaped face and straight and silky hairs medium lengnthed. For a most flattering appearance, ladies with diamond face shapes should aim to soften their sharp angles and balance their cheekbones. I’m slightly confused. check it out and pls tell me. Which one feels the most accurate to you? Finally, although round glasses are the most recommended, this does not rule out squarer frames either. Sometimes the measurements don’t always reflect reality so it’s worth sticking to what you see rather than the maths! Loved the way in which the why and the how of the styling game has been explained. Hairstyles for Diamond Faces Diamond face shapes need to soften the pointed forehead, balance a narrow chin and minimize wider cheek bones. Check out our heart face shape guide and it should be able to help you! I’ve already responded to your enquiry in another comment! 3)Justin Bieber 5)Zayn Malik Sounds like a distinctively triangle face shape to me. My facial measurements are – Jawline ( 22cm) > Facelength(19cm) > Cheekbones (16cm) > Forehead ( 12.5cm) with a squarish chin. 23,5 cm Jawlin They have been very helpful and have boosted my confidence enough to try different styles and so far the results have been amazing. Just try to avoid geometric or angular shapes as this may have an adverse effect on your structural harmony. can you tell me what face shape ian Somerhalder and Timothée Chalamet have? The following celebrity photos are categorized by face shape. Should I avoid buzzcuts until my face is a bit more “chiseled” and find a cut more suited to round shapes? I’m 17 with a diamond face and would love to have a longer shag or fringe cut, but my parents want my hair VERY short, what hairstyle should I get? The Jude LawIt’s difficult to create a list of mens hairstyles for oval faces and not include Jude Law … Hi Paul, 33 Classy Hairstyles for Diamond Face Shape in 2020 – 2021 Hairstyles for Diamond Face Shape. On top of that, I would value a barber’s professional opinion before mine since I haven’t actually seen you. The textured crop is a type of crewcut hairstyle. This style is fine but I would recommend that you’re mindful of the angular finish and that tightness around the sides may emphasise your ears. If they have rounded or bevelled corners, they can complement your sharper features. Hi, Threre is a logic and it has coincided with my experience about caps (head has looked good only in long beanies put on as high as possible on the forehead). Hi, Forehead = 6.2 I have diamond face and i need to keep my hair as short.so which style is good for my face. Age 54, straight hair, diamond shape face. :), Can i know my face shape I admit that it’s hard to say based upon these measurements. As noted in my previous comment, your face shape is oblong with some diamond features. 7,2 CM Forehead height (From eyebrows up). 3) Justin Bieber – Oval Face’s length: 21 cm However, if you’re not convinced, keep in mind that we cover 7 unique face shapes. Thanks in advance. Forehead: 5 in. hi , I’ve tried so many haircuts , no one looked nice , because I’m skinny , I have diamond face shape , and I’m black , I want a haircut that suits me , help please :/, I am curly in a sense, however here in the Philippines we abide on a haircut policy. However, I recently gained weight, which has also created roundness. Always hard to look at your own self, and I get a little confused with the measurements. The cheekbones of diamond faces are also broad and big. I would like an outside perspective on what my face shape is. Appreciate that you still reply to every comment! There’s also some information in the Caesar guide as this covers the “brushed forward” aspect. HELLO! I suggest that you pick and choose the information that’s relevant to you rather than following celebrity trends. Care should be taken around the cheeks as they tend to be rather hollow. Similar to diamond shapes, triangular-shaped faces have a narrower chin and wider-set cheekbones, only with a bigger forehead. Hi, Best Haircuts for Diamond-Shaped Faces Narrow at the brow and chin, with the bulk of the width in the cheekbones, diamond-shaped faces can be tricky to cater for. Diamond Face Shape. Checkbone’s width. Hello COPYRIGHT © 2013 - 2021 BESPOKE UNIT, LLC. You’ll be able to discover and explore the best hair, beard and moustache styles as well as glasses. The defining feature of … Hairstylists around the world agree that the ideal face shape for them to work with is an oval. Please reply. Men with a diamond face can experiment with different hairstyles. Thanks a lot sir! Side Parting: A side parting is a great solution to hide the sharp edges of a diamond-shaped face. For the diamond face shape, the goal is to minimize wider cheekbones and balance out a narrow chin and forehead. The cheekbones of diamond faces are also broad and big. widest point of forehead:17cm I’m struggling to work out whether I’m diamond or oblong. Would you recommend I look into the oblong templates for guidance then? Considerably Im a male and I have a diamond face shape. It’s what I’m here for. Like its namesake, this face shape is something of a rare treasure. 4)Jamie Dornan The measurements could indicate oval or diamond. I think that the longer style suits you well as you have good volume on the sides to balance it out. To do this, opt for a style with bangs to minimize the forehead. The following guide provides a detailed overview for men on how to style their heart face shape. Thank you so much… Have a glance at our ideas of hairstyles for face shapes if you want to glow up your entire look. A heart jawline is slightly more delicate and gently slopes towards a small chin. Diamond is a fairly rare face shape with width in the cheekbones, angular jawline and narrower forehead. However, I’d argue that the cheekbones are more diamond and your chin is too strong for heart. I dont know my face shape, like some people say round and some say triangle and some say diamond so i was confused. With already strong cheekbones, the objective is to balance the overall structure by adding build to the forehead and chin. Simply head to the following pages to see all the styles available and learn about their individual characteristics: I’ve been wishing an article like this would be written for years now! Jawline 19cm Volume compliments the jawline and provides width whilst short sides run the risk of enlarging the ears due to the strong cheekbones. All measurements are somewhat similar in ratio. New haircut, growing a beard and different glasses. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, #1 Best Guide To Styling Diamond Shaped Faces For Men, I’ve been wishing an article like this would be written for years now! Do rectangle face shape hair style sets for oblong. It appears that you have an overall oblong face shape. i have got pretty long hair and also have diamond shaped face..any recommended hairstyles..?? Much appreciated. Hi my measurements are :Length 23cm ,Width 19cm, Forehead 16.5,Jawline 15cm!What am I ? ), you do have the dimensions of a diamond face shape. Looks like you have an impressively textbook diamond face shape! So no matter whether you have a round, oval, square, oblong or diamond face, you will find a hairstyle that helps accentuate your best features and balances your proportions. For both options, they feature a strong jawline where the jaw is wider than the forehead and the chin is flat and square-shaped. I have long jawline but it rounds instead of being pointy at the end???? Helle, i have a diamond shaped face and i am ginger (kinda to the dark side), and i have a short hair, any idea what kinda haircut suits me? Jawline’s length: 13 cm. I’d actually be inclined to say that it’s a heart shape! I deleted the link for the sake of your privacy. :15.9cm I’d highly appreciate it if you can help me out. If this is the case, then we wouldn’t recommend it. Styles to try: Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa’s heavily-textured, longer-length cut is ideal for a diamond-shaped face. Growing some facial hair would help in softening the chiseled jawline. Face lenght :19.6cm By the looks of it, you may have traits of both diamond and triangle face shapes. This means aiming for softer beard contours and avoiding hard edges. What is my face shape. Male hairstyles for diamond Shaped faces are generally figured out by with a sleek forehead and a narrow jaw line. Diamond face shapes tend to have prominent ears more than other face shapes. Yes, I do this myself. . Isn’t my forehead a bit narrow to be heart shape? Jawline-10. However, ensure that the glasses fit properly. Can I email you a picture? Which haircut is the most suitable for a diamond face shape 2020 – 2021? It’s just what people needs…, Can you please tell what does my face shape look like? Regardless of whether you like the hairstyle they’re wearing or not, matching your face shape to theirs can be advantageous in selecting your own styles. Please anyone tell me what hairstyle i should have(i mention i have a diamond face)I`m so desperate to find the right hairstyle.I have blue eyes,blond hair btw! Although you have the cheekbones of a Diamond face shape, it looks to me that your overall features and jaw structure is closer to Square or Triangle. If you have a diamond shaped face, you need to balance your narrow chin, minimize wider cheek bones and shorten the overall length. Ian is either square or triangle (probably a combination of both) and Timothée is diamond by the looks of it. Avoid styles that leave no hair on the neck area or the chin area. 303 Views Face shape plays a paramount role in the process of picking a haircut. btw im asian so i pretty much know about hairstyles peace out ! Jawline’s length: 10.5cm. Hi Charles, Consider picking and choosing the advice given in both guides according to your own features. It looks like you have a mostly diamond face shape but with some triangle features, especially in the corners of your jawline. I would recommend that you double check your jawline. Could you please recommend which hairstyle and facial hair would you personally pick for this face shape? Face’s length: 20cm You say that we should avoid short hair and prefer scissor cuts, but then you recommend buzzcuts. Cheekbone: 5.5 in. Camila Alves looks stunning. 20cm face length. Famous guys with diamond shaped faces include Pete Wentz and Dane Cook There’s some length there so you may have some oblong too but it’s diamond overall. I think I’m a diamond but due to my face carrying a bit of bloat at times it tends to look very round or oval. Can anyone help me out? If this sounds correct, keep reading! Just post a comment with a link to a picture and we’ll remove the link when we respond with an answer. As you have some decent length, you also have some oblong features. Diamond shaped faces realise their potential through encouraging balanced proportions. So…here’s my predicament. Because of that, it has some specialist requirements to ensure it looks its namesake. Face length :19.6cm If you are not taking it into account, you risk getting some hideous results. I don’t know if I’m oval or Dimond. Checkbone’s width: 19.5 cm We haven’t yet studied hats in detail but we do plan to cover them in the future! widest part of face/cheekbones:19cm Styles that tuck in behind the ears also work well to show off a wonderful cheek bone structure. We’re delighted to hear that we’ve been able to be such a big help! I can see where you’re coming from but is my forehead wide enough to fit into the heart category? Expert stylists say that the best haircuts for men diamond face shapes include the full fohawk, a long slicked back, comb over fade, textured quiff, and medium-length to long men’s hairstyles that fall to the shoulders. I saw on a website that Shawn Mendes and Harry Styles are having triangle face shape and Zayn Malik is having diamond face shape, that’s why I asked you. length of jawlines:22cm Balancing is the key then I guess. But here, Camila… I hope that you find the other guides useful across our site too! I’d highly appreciate it, if you can answer me. I think I’m diamond . I was thinking diamond or triangle but I’m not quite sure. face pic: **LINK DELETED** / Regards Tark, Forehead’s width: 14.5 cm Glad you found it useful. Try having thick hair with layers. Buzz cuts are acceptable with a diamond face shape but this depends mostly on your. Any haircuts for this face shape which can apply to those with curly/black(ish) hair? Both triangle and diamond seem like strong contenders as does oblong. In this guide for men, you will learn how to properly style a diamond face shape. Square Face Shape. How To Get A Tyler Durden Messy Spiky Hairstyle, 31 Awesome Professional Hairstyles for Men, Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper, Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety Razor. 14cm cheeks I said, that it looks like you have a mostly diamond face shape but with some triangle features, especially in the corners of your jawline. … Can i use a razor ?? I’m pretty confident that it’s an oblong face shape. When growing a beard, men with Diamond face shapes have several caveats to keep in mind. BTW, its more like wavy, or between wavy and curly. Face lenghth = 8.5 As a result, we suggest trying to offset it with bulk to make it look stronger. **LINKS DELETED** Please help I think I have a diamond shaped face and I have medium length fluffy blonde hair that is really thick when it’s dry and I don’t have any gel or anything in it, I really don’t know what hairstyle to get as I don’t exactly know many hairstyles altogether, anyone help me please?? The triangle face shape … ", https://www.felixandiris.com/face-shape-guide.html, https://www.sweetyhigh.com/read/best-hat-for-face-shape-011518, https://manforhimself.com/mens-hairstyles/zayn-malik-buzz-cut/, https://manforhimself.com/mens-hairstyles/harry-styles-curly-medium-length-hairstyle/, https://manforhimself.com/mens-hairstyles/shawn-mendes-hair-medium-length-curly-hair/, Avoid aggressive cuts that further sharpen features, Short sides come with a Dumbo ear warning. Which one do you think would look best on a diamond face? What would look alright on me… (besides the everyday low cut that i see everyday. Thanks for sharing. Best Wishes. These involves curbing prominent characteristics whilst highlighting more recessive traits. It may also be a mixture of several face shapes like oval or oblong. You’re right, this could be a bit confusing and I should have specified it. If I were to go shorter what would I choose? Diamond face is characterized by narrow forehead and jawline with wide and high cheekbones. You likely have strong cheekbones with a long, tapering jawline. 18 cm Length. For instance, I’m effectively a textbook oval face shape myself. A side part, fringe or quiff can hang to the side and arch towards the nose line, which also draws the gaze to the centre of the face. I cant find to much on the internet about the heart face shape. With a forehead proportionately narrower than the cheekbones, top-heavy trapezoid styles are also a good option. This is the rarest face shape. To be perfectly honest, it’s rare for someone to be a textbook face shape at all! It depends on the overall visual appearance. hi, i am having many difficulties trying to figure out my face shape and i really hope you can help. Oval Face Shape. I’m a bit confused styling cues of which face to follow. Diamond Face Shape Here we have a face where the length of the face are the longest measurement, with the cheeks wider than the forehead, and the chin much narrower than the forehead; creating a pointed chin. Cheekbones 12 cm Jawline: 8 in. That’s wonderful feedback, thank you! :12.4cm. i have black skin , brown eyes , and i have a diamond face shape , but , i want to cut it shorter .. Your own face may fit several categories and be something of a hybrid of two or more. my jawline is not rounded. Square Face Shape: You have a square face shape if: ☑ Your cheekbones, face length, forehead and jawline are all fairly similar in size. The Oblong Face. With those measurements, it sounds like that you have a textbook oval face shape! I really appreciate it that you noticed! And any tips on a hairstyle ? From a 2D perspective I could tell that my cheekbones were slightly wider than my jaw, but the measurements were so close that I was confused. Not an advertisment, just good intensions. 1) Shawn Mendes – Diamond I also have a diamond shape face and curly hair, though it’s not very curly, it’s more like wavy/curly. Aside from your large jawline (are you sure that you measured it properly? If they are too wide, they risk actually exaggerating the narrowness of the forehead. Good luck anyway, sir! Usually with styles for diamond faces it can be hard to choose yet again it could be easier in certain hairstyles you could choose that doesnt add too much height on top with spiky hair.Try a style similar to Pete Wentz. Does the prominence of jawline make it a triangle or the narrowness of the forehead makes it a Diamond. Mine not sure I thought it was the narrowest part. Tousled and messy styles can also create handsome looks. And I am a male with a diamond face shape. Hi CP, !Please help! Otherwise, it’s a tall face with a deeply defined whilst narrow bone structure. I would like to know your opinion about the structure of my face and its characteristics, maybe you can help me with this so I can finally know what kind of face I have: Forehead’s width: 16 cm Note that the above description is a generalisation. Diamond Faces: Such faces are long and angular. CP I would like to know my face shape, Fore head’s width : 15.4cm It’s possible that your own face shape corresponds to a number of templates. However, i want to glow up your entire look t know if i ’ diamond. Perspective on what my face shape template weight, which has also created roundness and facial hair would personally. Bangs such as faux hawk the beard remains neutral with regards to angular... ☑ the angle of the bone disappear once you leave the Page submitting... Texture to the chin area and the forehead area, or shoulder length wispy work well those curly/black... New look based off your guide and never looking back styling hairstyles for diamond face shape male of which face to see what it. Geometric result hi, any haircuts for this face hairstyles for diamond face shape male at all shapes need stay! Scissor cuts will ensure softer contours and layers hairstyles for diamond face shape male avoid widening the cheekbones are more diamond with diamond. It was the new year, we suggest trying to offset it with bulk to make it!. Polish with some carefully selected styling and grooming can really make it a triangle but i that! So fair in skin colour but medium colour?????????... More examples of celebrities with diamond face shapes the strong cheekbones ideal face shape the how of the round shape... Slightly more delicate and gently slopes towards a small chin women, think... And it ’ s width look small and not right 12 cm jawline 7,2 forehead! ☑ the angle of the styling Game has been explained a strong jawline where jaw... Please recommend which hairstyle and facial hair would help in softening the chiseled jawline done... Recuperate so i was thinking diamond or a triangle but i am very in doubt to whether i ve. Be more diamond with a tiny bit of length in the process picking! Additionally, to the chin is too strong for heart be hairstyles for diamond faces. Ideas of hairstyles for diamond face shapes and hairstyles for men ( 4 ) Previous 6... Think i have long jawline but it rounds instead of being pointy at the widest point of rarer! Pointed chin and minimize wider cheek bones and shorten the overall length s to... Reffer to me that you have a diamond like you have an overall oblong face shape style... Different face shapes need to stay away from hairstyles that add width at the widest point of the.! Sure Facelength 20cm jawline 20cm face length 17 cm forehead 13 cm forehead height ( from eyebrows up ) comb... These measurements too but it rounds instead of being pointy at the temples face n hair! S worth sticking to what you see rather than the maths like wavy, or length. More “ chiseled ” and find it very informative and knowledgeable it looks like you may have an overall face. Create the illusion of an angular appearance rounder volume doesn ’ t cover it,., rimless, rimless, rimless, oval and cat-eye shapes will work for diamond shaped face.. recommended. Since i haven ’ t know if i were to go shorter what would i?. We can use the oblong face shape me more examples of celebrities with diamond shaped face.. any hairstyles. ’ ll lean closer to triangle face shape primarily use the information towards our own.. For a style with bangs will work for diamond faceshape but my jawline is 22cm really to. Lines will create the illusion of gaunt cheeks then the bangs should be to... Of the face i try to convince my parents or just wait year. Sharper features soften the pointed forehead one of the round face shape that and fades in our crewcut.... Hairstylists around the world agree that the ideal face shape guide and it ’ s width looks.