October 30, 1978. Anton told Patty that it was impossible for her to go with him. of POWs enter her father’s store. Summary On Monday, in Chapter Three, Patty notices the German prisoners on Main Street when she returns from the bank with change. When the agent shows her the shirt there is a bloodstained bullet hole in the chest area which is how she finds out Anton was shot and killed in New York; she becomes almost hysterical. Patty (Patricia Ann Bergen), the 12 year old first-person narrator, is excited as German soldiers are being brought to the town as prisoners of war. too fond of Harry Bergen. As they are talking a car pulls up into the driveway. They talk easily and Ruth talks about her son who is fighting in Europe. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. //--> Summary of Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene. Patty feels like an … him. But to Patty, a too much about him. Patty after she left the hideout. }>. The next time she hears Anton's name it is on the lips of everyone in town, as he escapes from the prison. their housekeeper. She begins taking food from the kitchen to give to him; she also takes some clothes from her father's closet, giving him the very expensive monogrammed shirt she had given her father in an attempt to make him feel some kind of love for her; it hadn't worked and the shirt remained in its gift box. Summer of My German Soldier deals with an important period in American history, the armed conflict between Germany and America in World War II. Mr. Summary. the shirt but he shunned her, seeming annoyed. they arrive, Patty’s grandmother makes plans to take Patty out the next week and A young American girl meets a German prisoner of war. Patty volunteered to show her to the Sheriff’s Anton teaches Patty to believe in herself and that she means something. They decided to play a game Ruth, who loves Patty like her own daughter, questions Patty about the prisoner and Patty tells her the truth. Patty makes up her mind to go with him but he will not agree to this. father told the FBI that he had a recollection of Anton but he did not remember