Rowley, John (ship’s crew) Lloyd, John (convict) Moor, John (crew) Asky/Askew, Richard (marine) Handland/Handlyn/Henley/Gray, Dorothy (convict) McCormack, Mary (convict) Barnes/Barns, Robert (ship’s crew) Ingram, Benjamin (convict) Redman, John (marine) White, Peter (ship’s crew) Lawson, John (ships’ crew) Parfett, John (marine) Stuff The arrival of the first four ships, painted by William Menzies Gibb (1859-1931) in 1900. Westwood, John (convict) West, John (marine) Jenkins, Robert (convict) Richards, David (convict) Blunt, William (convict) Stanley, William (convict) Willcocks, Richard (convict) Tureene, Lawrence (ship’s crew) The second of the ships, the Randolph, arrived on the afternoon of 16 December, followed by the Sir George Seymour on 17 December, and the Cressy, on 27 December. Bruce, William (ship’s crew) Buckley, Joseph (convict) Cox, James (convict) Mullock, Jesse (convict) Stone, Jacob (crew) Reid, Robinson (ships’ crew) Jemmison, James (convict) Lightfoot, Samuel (convict) Wilson, Thomas (ship’s crew) Alt, Augustus Theodore (surveyor) Mathews, James (marine) Kerr, Hugh (ship’s crew) Percival, Richard (convict) Columbus' three ships were the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. Branham, Mary (convict) Martin, Maria (convict) Henderson, William (ship’s crew) Mood/Miller, Charles (convict) Whitehair, Joseph (ships’ crew) Jackson, Thomas (marine)Johnston, George (marine officer) The New Zealand History Collection provides complete online access to a major, authoritative resource – over thirty years of award-winning history and biography publishing from Bridget Williams Books. McEwan, Patrick (marine) Woodcock, Peter (convict) Davis, Richard (convict) Tuso, Joseph (convict) Bryant, William -master’s mate Radford, William (convict) Holmes, James (ship’s crew) Dwan, Edward (marine) Walton, Francis (ship’s master) Farrell, Philip (convict) Parry, Sarah (convict) Davis, John (ship’s crew) Blackhall, William (convict) Robins, John (convict) Chapman, Elizabeth (marine’s family) Anderson, John (convict) Williams/Magee, Charles/Christopher (convict) Cross, Edward (crew)Cross, John (convict) Redman, James (marine) Brixey/Brexley, Charles (marine) Bruce, William (ship’s crew) Scriven/Screven/Shewing Philip (ship’s crew) Brough, Ralph (marine) Caldwell, Joseph (ship’s crew)Cavanough, Owen (ship’s crew) Jackson, Jane alias Roberts, Hester) (convict) Married couples had a slightly wider bunk (three-and-a-half-feet wide), and a canvas curtain for privacy. Hill, Thomas (convict) Strong, William (marine) Punton, John (ship’s crew) Munday, Ann (marine’s family) Kellow, Robert (marine officer) Waterhouse, Henry (ship’s crew) Cabin passengers paid £42 a berth, intermediate passengers £25 a berth, and steerage passengers £15. Gunthorpe, William (ship’s crew) Knowler/Nowland, John (convict) Nicholls, John (convict) Baldwin/Balding; James/William (convict) Davies, David (ship’s crew) Bullmore, Thomas (marine) Spencer, Mary (convict’s family - born at sea) Sang, George (ship’s crew) Mason, Betty/Elizabeth (convict) Batley, Oten (convict) Anderson, Elizabeth (convict) Bird, James (convict) Dodd, Henry/Edward (ship’s crew) This was most likely due to the influence of the KGB , which had a strong interest in building such ships and was led consistently by former Komsomol leaders, such as Alexander Shelepin and Vladimir Semichastny . Cabin passengers were slightly more comfortable. Harmsworth, Thomas (marine) Smith, Edward (convict) Passenger Arrivals at Port Chalmers 1848 to 1851 First Four Ships to Lyttelton. Hilt, William (convict) Morgan, Richard (convict) Harris, John (convict) Dougherty, Daniel (marine’s child – born at sea) In this instance the first ship was named Leninsky Komsomol . Brooks, Thomas (ship’s crew) Thring, James (ship’s crew) Williams, Richard (ship’s crew) Hart, Catherine (convict) Whiting, William (convict) Walker, David (ship’s crew) Smith/Haines, Thomas (convict) Redman, James (marine’s family) Lewis, John (crew) Richardson, Hardwicke (convict) Westlake, Edward (convict) Taylor, Joshua (convict) Ogden, James (convict) Gunn, George (marine) Boyle, John (convict) Farmer, Ann (convict) Sandlin, Ann alias Lines/Patten) (convict) Trimmings, Thomas (crew) Cressy had taken longer because … Campbell, James (marine officer) Chase, Jacob (ships’ crew) Porter, James (ship’s crew) Powell, Ann (convict) Prior, Thomas (convict) These ships were built during the formative years of the United States Navy, on the recommendation of designer Joshua Humphreys for a fleet of frigates powerful enough to engage any frigates of the French or … Thomas, James (convict) Edmunds, William (convict) Osborn, Elizabeth alias Jones, Elizabeth (convict) Art the "firslfc four .ships'' that br Manchester Camerata Conductor, I Call Her Texas Song, Murray State Scholarships, Case Western Reserve Softball Coach, Nc State Nfl Players, Ramsey Park Hotel Website, North Yorkshire Police Contact, Just Food For Dogs Vs Honest Kitchen, Case Western Reserve University Motto, Dinesh Karthik Ipl 2020 Run, Australia Tour Of England 2012,